Corrupt Curriculum

A list of reading assignments, extra supplies required, and optional extra credit (EC).

Day Zero – 15 July 2011: Rites for the Uninitiated
Reading Assignment: The Cats of Ulthar
EC: At the Mountains of Madness

Day One – 18 July 2011: Another Summer Sequel
Reading Assignment: The Haunter of the Dark

Day Two – 19 July 2011: We All Visit the Old Well
Reading Assignment: H. P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book
EC: Bruce Sterling’s Lovecraft Vs. 21C

Day Three – 20 July 2011: Genre Collision
Reading Assigment: Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald (PDF)

Day Four – 21 July 2011: Safeguarding Sanity
Reading Assignment: Elder Sign (Wikipedia)
Supplies: Sculpy clay (color of your choice)
Alternate Reading Assignment: Start reading for Day Five

Day Five – 22 July 2011: Under the Sea
Reading Assignment: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Day Six – 23 July 2011: Corrupted Comedy
Due to length of previous reading assignment, this is an assignment-free day.
EC: Myths Retold – Call of Cthulhu (NSFW)
EC: Late Bloomer (YouTube, NSFW)

Day Seven – 24 July 2011: Howard Himself
Reading Assignment: Lovecraft Profile from Fortean Times
EC: The Shunned House

Day Eight – 25 July 2011: The Houdini Connection
Reading Assignment: Under the Pyramids

Day Nine – 26 July 2011: Words, and Yet More Words
Reading Assignment 1: Cthulhu Chick’s Count of Lovecraft’s Favorite Words
Reading Assignment 2: The Outsider

Day Ten – 27 July 2011: Restless Nights
Reading Assignment (A): Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Reading Assignment (B): Hypnos

Day Eleven – 28 July 2011: Reader’s Choice
No reading assignment, discussion only.

Day Twelve – 29 July 2011: Albino Penguin Appreciation Day
Supplies: Craft felt in off-white, white, and pink; white and pink cotton embroidery floss
Alternate Reading Assignment: From Beyond

Day Thirteen – 30 July 2011: An Eldritch Ending
Assignment: Turn in your final composition

Lessons are subject to change or rearrangement, as need arises.

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