Q: How did you come up with this?

A: I spent a lot of time driving through the East Texas countryside last summer, and saw lots and lots of signs for Vacation Bible School.  It made me think about the VBS I attended one summer with my best friend, and what an odd experience it was for someone raised by secular humanists.  Given my interest in horror literature and a fondness for parody, it was inevitable.

Q: Why the limited time frame?

A: Most real Vacation [Holy Book] Schools are essentially day camps that last only a week or two.  Also, having a limited time frame would push me to ignore the volume of madness that truly rules me: The Procrastinomicon.

Also, it would probably be a lot less fun if we drudged on for months on end.  Real insanity would ensue.

Q: Can anyone participate? And how much does this cost?

A: Absolutely. We welcome everyone interested in Lovecraft and his mythos to join in the fun. And although we accept donations, participation is always free.

Q: Will I be graded?

A: We’re working on the Honor System here.  We trust that you will do the work, if you please to do so — but if you are having difficulty facing the challenge without outside reinforcement, the Headmistress suggests enlisting acquaintances who will supply you with a large dose of peer pressure.  Failing that, there are existent subcultures wherein ladies or gentlemen may be hired to administer light corporal punishment, along with stern admonishments reflecting your general inadequacy – both as a VNS participant, and as a human being.

We also encourage you to leave (brief) completed assignments in the comments, or to post links to your assignments – and we encourage all participants to submit a final (details to be posted).

Q: Don’t you think this is a little offensive?

A: Probably, at least to a certain sort of person.  But, like so much of the internet, if you are offended, this is simply not for you.  We suggest you click away and find something better to do than grouse about websites that anger you.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Headmistress.

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