An Eldritch Ending

View Between Village Houses

New England Village - Photo Courtesy Library of Congress

Today we leave behind our ramble through Lovecraft’s cursed New England villages, and bid farewell to the Innsmouth seaside and any lurking Deep Ones we may have roused – at least for a while.

We have only one task remaining: your final composition. Simply post a link here in the comments, or e-mail it to me and I will post it on the finals page.

I would like to personally thank you for your participation in Vacation Necronomicon School! I hope you’ve enjoyed this term as much as I have.

Class dismissed.

About Headmistress

Sarah L. Crowder, current headmistress of Vacation Necronomicon School, was once a pupil at the prestigious Miskatonic Academy for Girls -- though she did not graduate, as the school closed under mysterious circumstances shortly before her studies were completed. She spent many years contemplating both the arcane arts and hidden dimensions of commonplace life, and now lends her talents to our little online haven for workaday scholars.
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6 Responses to An Eldritch Ending

  1. Lynn says:

    My sister broke her leg last Monday and I’ve been the unfortunate’s nurse, haven’t been able to keep up with readings and the posts, but here is my final. This is very much a first draft, written very quickly after thinking all week, and I would like to be able to post a better revision later.


    From the Commonplace Book of H. P. Lovecraft:
    2 Inhabitants of Zinge, over whom the star Canopus rises every night, are always gay and without sorrow. [x]

    Three Canies woke up last week. If this pace keeps up I’ll have to bring in another liaison officer to help the formerly blissful blend back into what is left of this vale of tears. When the wakers start seeing Zinge as it is, the smart Sister calls us early, while they’re rejoining us, instead of waiting til trouble starts.

    I met #3 in the housekeeper’s rooms where he was listening to her stories as he ate stew. I mostly answered questions about what Hattie had been telling him.

    “So the ones that broke out were matter like us, although possibly multidemensional or anti or something, while the ones that stopped them seem to be what used to be called dark matter or dark energy.”


    “Most of us still can’t see or image them, nothing showing up on any instruments humans made? We still aren’t sure how much of our space/time universe is left, or really much of anything?”


    Tommy (he kept the name he finally remembered) had mostly enjoyed working IT for a multinational, thought he might enjoy reconstructing the technology that might answer some of our questions about our new reality. After a day or two he might go to the the Geeks, had a real chance to fit in and be both useful and content.

    “Mattie told me 3 sleepers woke this week. How are the others?”

    “I don’t talk much about the wakers but I will say the first one this week chose the name Dandelion and moved into The Farm, will grow your food and maybe churn your butter if the cows do well. A lot of the wakers think themselves lucky after a while, prefer their real lives to the ecstasy of the sleepers, although I will say some have significant problems with no obvious solutions.”

    We chatted awhile, decided he’d stay at Mattie’s for a a few days then make some choices for longer-term. Mattie’s suite is just far enough in Zinge that he still felt some residual contentment, no hurry to leave the warmth and comfort, while far enough from the core to let a human see the actual world instead of the spaces the sleepers occupied.

    After we said goodnight, I walked deep into the Garden of Release and stood under Canopus. I saw again the second waker this week, an ecstatic little man in a blue room chanting praises to the ones who had broken through, offering the sweet sisters to the dark deep ones if they took him with them, felt again the joy we shared as I wrapped my cord around his neck and set him free.

    Then, as I frequently did when leaving Zinge, I sat on the bench outside the walls and wept for a while before off to file my weekly reports, before I rejoined the humans who still could weep and wail our joyful horrible fates.

  2. Borrowind says:

    Many thanks for running the Summer School again this year! I hope to have all my essays as a paperback form soon, for those who prefer to read in print.

    Here’s my final creative assignment, a 5,000 word short story…

  3. Borrowind says:

    Thanks for your story, Lynn. It certainly has a bit of a “zing!” in the final paragraphs.

  4. Headmistress says:

    @Lynn – I put your story on the new final page this morning. I just corrected typos, so e-mail me when you have another draft, and I’ll post it there. I really like the concept, though – Borrowind is right about the ending…zing, indeed! Thanks for participating this year. I completely understand about complications from “the mundane flesh world” – no worries there.

    @Borrowind – I put a link on the final page, and will read your story this afternoon – I’m very much looking forward to it. Thanks for coming back this year – your essays are always such food for thought.

    Acrasis sent her final last night, so it’s also posted on the new page. There are…creatures in it – as well there should be.

    Thanks again to everyone! We’ve had a great summer here, I think.

  5. Paul says:

    Late, and behind on one assignment (completely missed the Albino Penguin!), but here is my final assignment:

  6. Headmistress says:

    @Paul – I added your link to the finals page. Thanks for participating!

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