Corrupted Comedy

We may not have an official day of rest at Vacation Necronomicon School, but we can have a day of Lovecraftian humor.

My first selection is “Boats: an Elder God’s Only Weakness” from Myths Retold, which is a fairly honest (if somewhat vulgar) retelling of “The Call of Cthulhu.” It contains such gems as “reading one paragraph of this cthulu shit is roughly equivalent to TWELVE WEEKS IN VIETNAM” and “so yeah some dude falls like six degrees to bumfuck turnways.” The author of this little recap doesn’t use punctuation, but does have something against polysyllabic adjectives, as his mid-narrative critique of Lovecraft’s writing proves. (It just makes it funnier, though.) This was my favorite bit of Cthulhu-related silliness all year, honestly – though I know it’s not for everyone. (It’s “not safe for work” mostly just because of salty language.)

My second selection is “Late Bloomer,” a short film that I came across last spring, though it’s a few years old. I included it just for the over-the-top narration, really. Again, not for everyone – though it is nearly perfect Lovecraftian parody. (This one is “not safe for work” mostly because of throbbing animated diagrams, which seems incredibly silly, but many workplaces are incredibly silly about such things.)

We have a new lesson coming tomorrow…so enjoy your day off!

Note: Feel free to share any recently encountered (or favorite) Lovecraft-related humor in the comments.

EC: Myths Retold – Call of Cthulhu (NSFW)
EC: Late Bloomer (YouTube, NSFW)

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Sarah L. Crowder, current headmistress of Vacation Necronomicon School, was once a pupil at the prestigious Miskatonic Academy for Girls -- though she did not graduate, as the school closed under mysterious circumstances shortly before her studies were completed. She spent many years contemplating both the arcane arts and hidden dimensions of commonplace life, and now lends her talents to our little online haven for workaday scholars.
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3 Responses to Corrupted Comedy

  1. nina says:

    You certainly don’t have to look at my lame comic strip, but if you want to:
    My strip has nothing to do with Lovecraft except that my cat is actually named Cthulhu, and I made pretty much the same joke as the Myths retold guy.

  2. Headmistress says:

    @Nina – Cthulhu is quite a daring name for a cat. Then again, our cat is named Jane, and she makes up for her sedate and sensible name by being moderately psychotic. Cat naming is a funny business. Very funny panel, though. I haven’t read through the whole series yet, but I love that Schrodinger’s cat was named Minoush…sometimes.


  3. Paul says:

    @Nina – I’ve always gone with the idea that there’s not much point in naming something that won’t come if you call it! But very brave choice with Cthulhu. What if you call, and it isn’t the cat who answers….

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