Some Repitition & Reiteration

New members may not be familiar with our methods here at Vacation Necronomicon School, so here are a few notes of orientation.

Starting tomorrow – and for each of the following 13 days – we will once again present new exercises in Lovecraftian lore.  We include lessons on literary criticism, personal opinion, pop culture, and, as is standard fare for the church-based day camp from which the name of our informal academy is derived, simple handicrafts. Regular lessons require only computer and internet access to complete, though craft lessons require a few extra supplies. (These lessons will still have an alternate assignment for those who wish to abstain.)

Work isn’t graded, and may be kept private – as the lurkers amongst our ranks well know. (We are well haunted by lurkers here, who are always welcome.) Most of us share our short completed assignments in the comments (or provide links to longer compositions), so this is our standard practice.  Also, we understand that each individual may not have the time or inclination to complete every lesson – or the more complex final project – but please put forth your best effort.

There is still time to enroll formally if you haven’t already done so – simply contact the Headmistress.  As always, formally enrolled pupils will be awarded a special token of appreciation when the term is finished.

And once again: “Please note that comments are moderated; swearing will be tolerated, but abuse of others will not be.” We have always had congenial commentary here, but it is well worth repeating that we do have an official policy regarding the unfortunate practice of “trolling.” It will not be tolerated, and offenders will be deleted and banned from further participation.

That being said, we are simply here to have some fun and explore the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Thank you for joining us!

About Headmistress

Sarah L. Crowder, current headmistress of Vacation Necronomicon School, was once a pupil at the prestigious Miskatonic Academy for Girls -- though she did not graduate, as the school closed under mysterious circumstances shortly before her studies were completed. She spent many years contemplating both the arcane arts and hidden dimensions of commonplace life, and now lends her talents to our little online haven for workaday scholars.
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