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An Eldritch Ending

Today we leave behind our ramble through Lovecraft’s cursed New England villages, and bid farewell to the Innsmouth seaside and any lurking Deep Ones we may have roused – at least for a while. We have only one task remaining: … Continue reading

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Albino Penguin Appreciation Day

Of all of the horrifying creatures that inhabit Lovecraft’s stories, the most ignored must surely be the Giant Albino Penguin. It always seems to be overshadowed by all of those Elder Things and Old Ones hogging the spotlight. This hardly … Continue reading

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Reader’s Choice

Since today is basically a free day to work on your final project, I have only one question to ask: what is the best Lovecraftian story or novel you’ve come across lately? It doesn’t have to be from the man … Continue reading

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Restless Nights

Lovecraft suffered from night terrors as a child (he called this assault by “night gaunts”), and that is one of the few things I have in common with him. I also suffered from severe nightmares in my younger days – … Continue reading

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Words, and Yet More Words

Cthulhu Chick recently formatted Lovecraft’s original works into eBook format, a process which allowed her to make a count of Lovecraft’s favorite words. There are a few surprises on the list – “squamous” appears only once, shockingly – and a … Continue reading

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The Houdini Connection

“Under the Pyramids” was ghost-written by Lovecraft for Harry Houdini, the first of several small (but lucrative) jobs. They had even planned to collaborate on a book called “The Cancer of Superstition,” but Houdini died before it could be completed. … Continue reading

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Howard Himself

I have previously resisted the urge to peek behind the curtain at Lovecraft the writer, mostly because I didn’t feel qualified to discuss his history. I have read some biographical information, and some of his correspondence, but I am not … Continue reading

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Corrupted Comedy

We may not have an official day of rest at Vacation Necronomicon School, but we can have a day of Lovecraftian humor. My first selection is “Boats: an Elder God’s Only Weakness” from Myths Retold, which is a fairly honest … Continue reading

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Under the Sea

Unlike many, I have always had a lack of curiosity about my family tree. I have no illustrious forebears, and what little I’ve gleaned regarding my ancestry has been disappointing at best, and scandalous at worst. However, I had an … Continue reading

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Safeguarding Sanity

The Elder Sign is one of the only things known to man that can provide any measure of protection against the Deep Ones. I felt it would be prudent to make one, considering the reading we will begin tomorrow. However, … Continue reading

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