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About Headmistress

Sarah L. Crowder, current headmistress of Vacation Necronomicon School, was once a pupil at the prestigious Miskatonic Academy for Girls -- though she did not graduate, as the school closed under mysterious circumstances shortly before her studies were completed. She spent many years contemplating both the arcane arts and hidden dimensions of commonplace life, and now lends her talents to our little online haven for workaday scholars.

Genre Collision

Monday’s assignment concerned Lovecraft’s response to another writer’s mythos-based story, and it’s true that the Cthulhu mythos lends itself to a sort of literary “riffing.” Most writers of horror or weird fiction have tried their hands at some tale involving … Continue reading

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We All Visit the Old Well

Though our exercise here is just beginning, we do need to discuss our final project – the “fearsome final,” as we termed it last year. This calamitous composition (or whatever secret alliterative phrase pleases you) looms in the distance, but, … Continue reading

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Quick Reminder

Late enrollment will remain open until Wednesday the 20th, so there is still time to join us in our endeavor. Simply contact the Headmistress if you wish to do so. Cthulhu fhtagn.

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Another Summer Sequel

The sweltering heat of midsummer now torments us in the northern hemisphere, and it is a maddening sort of affliction – more to be borne than truly remedied. Still, hope of a antidote beyond central air conditioning may send some … Continue reading

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Some Repitition & Reiteration

New members may not be familiar with our methods here at Vacation Necronomicon School, so here are a few notes of orientation. Starting tomorrow – and for each of the following 13 days – we will once again present new … Continue reading

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Rites for the Uninitiated

Welcome, newcomers, to Vacation Necronomicon School! Soon we will begin our customary 13 day foray into forbidden knowledge and madness, but there may be some pupils who have never encountered our subject. Looking through last year’s archive is encouraged, but … Continue reading

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Imminent Madness.

Between the heat distortion shimmering from the pavement and forbidden knowledge I’ve obtained from various dusty tomes, it has become clear to me that the time for Vacation Necronomicon School is once more at hand. Though new pupils are always … Continue reading

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Expedition’s End

I would like to extend a sincere and hearty thank you to everyone who participated this summer.  It has been an arduous journey in a way — packed with words, and yet more words, plus images, sounds, and madness as … Continue reading

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Elder God’s Eye

Today’s lesson requires no reading, just a willingness to remember the crafts most common amongst children at summer camp.  Just to maintain the spirit of our enterprise, I felt we needed to include one “camp classic” — and in the … Continue reading

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Cephalopod as Modern Totem

The searing summer days we have spent together at Vacation Necronomicon School are quickly coming to a close — though there seems no end in sight to the heat itself, or the horror of forbidden knowledge. I designed our curriculum … Continue reading

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